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March 25, 2017 - In the lastest in a series of clinics held for RWDSU members, 22 immigrant workers took part in a session in New York City today designed to help them become U.S. citizens (below).The next clinic will be held in May. See below for more information on these clinics and how to take part.


With the election of President Trump, the future of our immigration system is very uncertain. We will update this page regularly to reflect any changes to federal law or presidential executive orders. For more updates and resources, visit the RWDSU Facebook page

The RWDSU is also offering clinics across the U.S. to help aid immigrant workers in beoming citizens. These clincs, as pictured below, are a valuable resource for immigrant workers and their families. Contact the RWDSU for more information.

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Members like those below have become U.S. citizens thanks to the help of the RWDSU's clinics, and received grants from the union to help pay for the citizenship process. 

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A Broken Immigration System

The United States has a broken immigration system. People who have come here seeking a better life than they had and a better life for their children are paying a heavy price for it. Employers frequently exploit immigrant workers.

The number one priority in any immigration reform should be the people involved in the process. The people working and doing the jobs striving for a better life and the American Dream need to the priority of any legislation that gets passed, not corporations and employers who seek to profit off of te backs of these workers.

That’s why the RWDSU supports a comprehensive, worker-centered approach as part of a common-sense immigration process.


The DAPA Program


The signature program put forth by former President Obama is known as Deferred Action for Parents or DAPA. The RWDSU is a valuable resource and first stop in the DAPA application process. Check back to this page often for updates and information.

DAPA gives the parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents the opportunity to apply for work authorization. To meet the eligibility requirements, applicants need to have lived in the U.S. since January 1, 2010, pass a background check, and pay an application fee.

Your union is ready and able to help you through the DAPA application process. You should not go to your employer or to those offering fee-based services.

The RWDSU will help applicants in the following ways:

-Find out if you qualify for DAPA

-Prescreen your application

-Prepare your application for free once they are available

The RWDSU is available to help you apply for citizenship right now.

We are proud of the DAPA program. RWDSU wants to make sure every member and their family members who are eligible for these protections are able to access them.  Remember—your union is your immigration resource. Take the steps to find out if you qualify.

Contact the RWDSU for more information

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Adopted children who are treated well and given the opportunities to succeed are champions for their families. Children who came to the United States when they were young can be this country's adopted children and make us proud. America needs the Dream Act for their adopted children. To qualify, students must attend college or serve in the military, and so they improve our nation through values we all share--education and service. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the DREAM Act would strengthen our economy and slash the deficit by $1.4 billion.