Voter Registration

All across the country the right to organize into a union is being attacked. Politicians on School Boards, County Boards, City Councils and State Assemblies are attacking the right of workers to bargain collectively and have a voice in the workplace. We must make sure that we protect these rights h across the nation by sending a message loud and clear to elected officials at the ballot box.

The first step to being heard electorally is to have the members of the RWDSU registered to vote.

It makes no difference to your national or local union which party you enroll in. What matters is that you participate in the electoral process. It’s your right, and it’s a great way to make sure that the priorities of union members count at the local, State Legislative, Congressional.

Contact the RWDSU political department at and a representative will be happy to help you register to vote, or initiate a registration drive at your workplace, local, or regional board.